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Thursday 28 Sep 2023

Education Tours

An Educational Tour or A Field Trip is a visit to a place away from their normal place of study. The purpose of this trip is to provide students with an experience outside the class rooms or labs. It also provides an opportunity non experimental research and helps bring all the students to a common platform irrespective of their social, economic & cultural background. Every day we can see how technology and approaches to everything are improving. Before students had to listen to lectures and sit up nights for assignments, now, they can attend educational excursions or buy thesis papers using the Internet. Through educational tour/field trip a student gets to experience first-hand the concepts which help in long term retention of the knowledge. If the class room teaching is followed up by a field trip, it helps in clearing the concepts & results in more effective learning. It also helps in application of ideas, theories & knowledge which ensure competence. Discussing during the trip help the students to find solutions to real life problems and makes them innovative. Field trips are fun way of learning & makes it more enjoyable. Educational tour to a new property or place is great fun, its main objective is learning. It exposes the students to the outside world, be it local & global issues. It improves them with a new prospective and helps in developing overall personality. Educational Tour/Field Trips also provide an opportunity to students to interact with different people which helps develop social behavior and create a social network, contacts & references. It gives them an opportunity to inculcate the habit of traveling alone & in groups and making them more empathetic towards fellow students. Educational Tours & Field Trips provide an opportunity of experiential learning to students of all streams. They should be part of the curriculum but need to be well planned & structured under the supervision/guidance of an experienced trainer. In order to ensure the maximum benefit, a field trip or an educational tour has to be well planned. For keeping in view annual visits are arranged for students of all classes to places of cultural, historical and geographical interest.These tours instill a sense of pride in our National heritage,besides building a strong foundation for patriotism,appreciation of cultural diversity and responsible citizenship Achievements : Achievements play an important role for the progressive development of any organization. The students of our school have made the school proud by achieving many achievements not only in the field of academics but also in the field of Sports and Cultural activities. M/s Jhanvi selected as Yuva Scientist out of three students from Haryana M/s Rahul cleared CA Entrance Exam in first attempts Our Kabaddi Team under 19 score 1st position at CBSE Cluster Level M/s Abhishek got 1st position in Basket ball at National level M/s Kirti from 8th class got 3rd position in Poster making Inter School Competition.

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