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Thursday 28 Sep 2023


If fees and other dues are not paid after the issuance of one reminder, the name of the student is struck off the rolls.
If the conduct, behaviour or influence of a student is detrimental to the general discipline and interest of the Institute, the Principal may order her suspension / withdrawal.
If a student is found medically unfit and is a health hazard to other students, she may be asked to withdraw.
In case of withdrawal of a student by parents, at least one month's notice is submitted otherwise one full term fee will be charged.
If a parent withdraws a boarder during the term the entire deposited fee, except the caution money, will be forfeited.
In case of withdrawal of a day scholar after 15th September , full fee for the year will be charged and the caution money will also be forfeited.
Students must complete one full year before applying for transfer certificate.
Readmission is solely at the discretion of the Principal on payment of the Re-admission fee .

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