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Thursday 28 Sep 2023

Other Facilities

Medical facility

The school places great importance on the health and safety of students. Every year health checkup,Eye checkup & Dental checkup program is arranged by the school with the collaboration ofa pannel of doctors and nurses from SGT hospital .

Special Education Cell

School has also a special Education Cell catering to remedial education, vocational guidancee,carrier counseling etc

Fine Arts and Music Room

Art, Craft & Music encourage students to develop a variety of interests. Special emphasis is placed on developing students ' appreciation for and involvement in various forms of drama,dance,music,art and craft as a means of self-expression and cultural enrichment. School has a well equipped Music and Art& Craft room which provide students a variety of learning experience in Music and Art& Craft.

Books & Stationery Store

The school has outsourced a books & stationery store to ensure students have access to all material available in the market.Open all six days of the week for the duration of school hours,it caters to the needs of the children who can replenish their stationery or buy books as the need arises.

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