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Saturday 10 Jun 2023

Special features:

Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly, gathering every day before the classes begin, is a picture of solemnity and discipline. The school choir sings devotional songs, following by the common prayer. After the prayer, recitations, news reading, thought of the day, celebration/observations of various festivals, events and singing of National Anthem etc., form other features of the Morning Assembly every day. This provides the school with an excellent opportunity to develop the overall personality of the students and it helps them to shed-off their stage fear.

Student Council

Student Council is a platform that offers valuable insight to the students and promotes knowledge about administrative skills and features. Its aim is to help the students understand their duties & responsibilities and prepare responsible citizens of the world. This hones their administrative & organizational skills as well as leadership skills. The members of this council are encouraged to participate in the formulation and implementation of school’s policies.

House System

School has Four Houses:-Prahlad, Eklavya, Bharat ,Haquikat. Each House has a House Master/Mistress, House Captain, Vice-Captain, Sports Captain, Cultural Activity Captain & Literary Captain. It is compulsory for student to be a member of a House. The main idea of the House System is to provide training in qualities of leadership, co-operation , mutual understanding and self –reliance. Different type of activities are organized under the House System such as dramatics, elocution, quiz, recitation , debate, group song and dance. Besides, the students are trained in community service and social work. Compulsory participation in these activities not only boosts their confidence and morale but also grooms their personality.

In order to encourage students to participate in various programs and activities and widen their horizon and experience which is important for their all-round development , the school proposes to have Eco Club, Maths & Science Club, Literary Club, Heritage Club, Music and Art & Crafts Club.


We believe that sports is not just a good exercise but also teaches valuable lessons in team spirit, respect for others, fair-play and discipline. Sports form a very important part of our daily routine and every student is encouraged to choose and participate in at least one sport from a wide array of activities. The school have Keshav Sports Academy and offers coaching in Badminton,Volley–Ball, Basket- Ball , Kho-Kho , Kabaddi & Tennis.

Creative activities

School believes in going beyond academics and places special emphasis on extra-curricular activities which are crucial to the overall growth of the child. Music, Dance, Art & Craft lessons are part of daily routine thus ensuring that our students are confident and well-rounded individuals. School offers a world of opportunities and options for the personality development of the students. Public speaking, extempore , debates, street plays, dramatics, storey-telling, and quizzes are some of the activities conducted to enhance their skills and boost confidence

Value Education Programme

We believe that values are imbibed and not taught .Universal values and ethical codes of conduct are an integral part of the school. Value based education creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievements and develops students' social and relationship skills.

Our Values For 2023-24
April     Be Caring      
May     Be Kind      
June     Be Curious      
July     Be Wise      
August     Be Humble      
September      Be Positive      
October     Be Honest      
November     Be Tolerant      
December     Be Peaceful      
January     Be Determined      
February     Be resilient      
March     Be Polite      

The Facilitators of Value Education Programme
    Ms. Nityanand
    Mrs Mona Yadav
    Mrs Sangeeta
    Mrs Pushpa
    Mrs Poonam Sharma
    Mrs Suman
    Mrs Sudha

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